Wednesday, November 28, 2018

100kW CCS charger to go live in UK 'soon'

An I-Pace chargers at the 4-vehicle charger at Victoria service Station, Morley

Alfa Power built and operate what is the currently the UK's fastest CCS charger.  The 60kW charger at Brighouse in West Yorkshire went live in September.

Since then, they have put more 60kW CCS chargers live in Morley and Huddersfield

Now, Alfa Power have claimed another first - the first CCS charger in the UK running at above 60kW.  They've made a significant jump, too - achieving 120kW.

The charger has been installed tested and put live at Morley, but it is not yet open to the public.  when it does open, it will be capped initially at 100kW, with 120kW being unlocked later, "when the market requires".

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